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The new  adult electric tricycles

You can use it as a regular tricycle; simply just pedaling, or you can use it as a scooter; with the motor power only, or you can pedal it while using the motor at the same time!


No License, No Registration required!




 Your New electric tricycle comes with the rearview mirrors, the double-enforced heavy-duty frame, the front and rear basket, the large seat with the back rest, the lights, the alarm,  the battery and the charger!








The handlebar and the seat  can be adjusted up and down, you can tilt it away from you or towards you to make it a very comfortable ride regardless of your size and weight.

The rear basket has the removable cover to protect your belongings.


adult electric trike









The electric tricycle is a sturdy, 3-wheel tricycle that rides smoothly around town.

It  is perfect for riders that need to carry cargo. The large metal basket even includes a top.  You can use the twist throttle on the handlebar to cruise along with or without pedaling.

Our electric tricycles even have a reverse so that you can back up to park or to maneuver around obstacles.


 Your electric tricycle comes on a pallet, carefully packed, secured, insured and  shipped to your door at no extra cost. Are You Ready to Ride?


Why is this electric tricycle a better value than a

1. Regular bicycle or tricycle?
  •  you have the option to use it as a motor scooter with the adjustable speed throttle in case you need extra power, such as going up the hill or your legs are just not the ones they used to be
  •  you wish to travel further with more confidence
2. Scooter?
  •  you can use it like a regular tricycle for exercising
  •  you can pedal it if the batteries go low
  •  it's a tricycle and not a scooter, so you can use it where scooters are prohibited
3. Gas powered vehicle?
  • you do not need a license
  • you do not need registration
  • you can use your trike where motor scooters are banned
  • it's quiet and elegant
  • it makes no fumes and we all can breath cleaner air
  • it's a lot cheaper to operate and own
  • it's the future

Why is this Electric Tricycle a better investment than the other electric trikes on the market?


1/ 48 Volts electronic system generates 1000Watts of  power in the front hub. Others have the 12, 24 or 36 Volts system with a lot less power and efficiency.


2/ Spokes connecting to the alloy wheel from the center hub. It does not have the easily-braking plastic wheels but the strong and adjustable spoke construction for more strength.


3/ Superior Front suspension. Providing you with a smooth and stable  ride with the precision V-brake.



4/ Sturdy Rear wheels with the huge basket. Plenty of room for your cargo.



5/ Advanced Electronic Command Center to indicate the charge of the battery and other important functions of your trike. Yours may come with a newer one installed.


6/ Strong front basket for added cargo space.


7/ High quality chain and crank system for easy pedaling. This features an advanced solution with no need for a chain guard!


8/ Strong fenders and the advanced band-brake system for better stopping.

9/ Convenient Shipping. We deliver your tricycle to your door and not a freight station.

Now we are offering our electric tricycle with the comfortable seat equipped with the back rest at no extra cost to you.

10/ All Season Use:  you are glad to know that you can enjoy your tricycle all year around. The electronics are sealed, so rain and snow will not matter at all.


11/ Warranty: it gives you the peace of mind that your tricycle comes with the one year warranty.




See www.mobility4less.com







Other Ideas:

You can use your trike without the rear basket thus leaving you with a larger cargo area, or you can put a child seat to carry a child as shown below: (child seat does not come with the trike). You can also attach a trailer to it if you want. There are endless possibilities with your new electric tricycle!







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Why should you purchase from us?


  • we've been in business since 2001

  • we provide you parts and unparalleled service

  • we offer you the highest quality products

  • your satisfaction is our utmost priority

  • we deliver to your door without the middle-man













Main reasons to own your electric tricycle:

  • going to work

  • doing your groceries

  • exercising

  • delivering  newspapers etc....

  • having fun

  • saving $ and making $

  • and a lot lot more!!!



Main Technical Parameters:


Top Speed: 20 MPH (pedaling increases speed)
Top Range: 25 miles/charge (pedaling increases range)
Power: 1000 watts or 1500 watts with PowerBooster
Battery: SLA or Lithium
Re-charges in: 4 hours
Tricycle Length: 60"
Tricycle Width: 28" (fits through most doors)
Max Weight Limit: 400 Lbs
Key Start: Yes
Headlight: Included
Storage Basket: Included
Battery Charger: Included
Battery Level Indicator: Included

Electronic Alarm System: Included

COLORS: Red, Blue

MOTOR TYPE: Brushless motor  drive

VOLTS: 48 volt

TIRE SIZE: Front: 22”*1.75”: Rear: 22”*1.75”

DISTANCE: Up to 18-25 miles per charge-can still pedal if charge is lost (distance varies by riders weight , terrain, road surface etc.)

THROTTLE TYPE: Variable speed control- Twist Throttle-or-pedal assisted



BRAKING SYSTEM: Front V-break , rear brake expansion brake

DRIVE SYSTEM: Front hub motor  or Pedal Power




Rear brake with the safety switch and the horn

Front brake with the safety switch and the reverse/forward switch

The sturdy frame and wheel with the maintenance-free rear band brake.

The easily removable battery pack. You can charge it on or off the tricycle.

Your trike comes with the Parking brake as well



Some FAQ's

What's the PowerBooster?

NEW! You can choose the PowerBooster to get the 1500 Watts Power for only $289.50! This option can be added on the order page. It cannot be added to your tricycle after it has been shipped.

Why this PowerPackage?

It will not increase the speed or the range of your trike but it will add extra power to it. It feels like driving a 8-cylinder car instead of a 4-cylinder, that extra power comes handy uphill or when pulling/carrying something with the tricycle!


Why should I consider buying an electric tricycle?

 It is fun to ride, costs almost nothing to operate, gives you exercise (since you have the option to pedal it) and you will belong to the next generation who can think differently by reducing greenhouse gasses to save our Earth...just to name a few reasons.


How much does it cost to charge your electric tricycle?
 It costs about a nickel per charge. We don't recommend running the battery completely dead. You should charge it after every use.


What's the difference between the lead-acid and the lithium battery?

The Lead-acid battery is heavier and does not last as long as the lithium battery. The lithium battery is a more advanced product.


How easy is to remove the battery?

It's very simply juts pulling it up by  the handles. You do not need to remove the battery to charge it, although you can charge it on and off the tricycle.


Can I remove the basket and put a child seat there?

Absolutely. You can purchase a child seat at any stores (Walmart etc..) and place it on the platform instead of the basket.

How far can your electric tricycle go?
 It depends on many factors - terrain  wind, tire inflation, weight of rider, riding style.  

Hills are always a big power drain for any electric vehicle. We recommend that you assist by pedaling on hills. Depending on the steepness of the hills, this can double or triple your travel distance. You can also increase travel distance by starting off with a few cranks of he pedals to get you going. The power, distance per charge etc.. information on any electric tricycle are just estimated as they depend on may factors, some written above.


In what colors do these electric tricycles come?

We have them in blue or red color.

Where can I get parts?
We supply parts for our tricycles. Also, many of these parts are interchangeable with any regular tricycles, such as tires, chain etc..

What if my battery dies while I am on a longer ride from my home?
Nothing special as you can use the tricycle as a regular tricycle to pedal home.


How heavy is the trike?  it's about 75lbs.


Does the tricycle have throttle for speed variation?

Yes, it does. It means that you can ride as slow as you want or as fast as about 20 m/h.


Are the distance per charge and the speed of the tricycle firm?

No. They depend on the weight of the rider, the terrain, the inflation of the tires, the wind etc...


How much assembly is required?

Since we put the trike together before shipping for testing purposes but after that we have to remove some components to make it fit in the shipping container, you will have about a 10-15 minutes work on the electric tricycle (adjust the seat etc..)


How can I charge the battery?

The battery can be charged with the electronic charger that comes with the tricycle.


Can I adjust the trike to my own height?

Yes, and it' s very simple. You can both adjust the seat and the handlebar to your specifications!


Can I carry my child on the tricycle?

Yes, you just have to remove the basket and put a seat there, and you are ready to go!


Can I pull my trailer with this tricycle?

Yes, you can attach any trailer to the back of this amazing trike.



We reserve the rights to modify our products according to the latest technical achievements without notification to our partners and customers.